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Lord Rama and Hanuman Fight !

Rama Vs Hanuman

Lord Rama and Hanuman are known for their Famous God and devotee Relationship, Has one ever imagined on Rama and hanuman fighting ?

Yes, Even Rama and Hanuman Fought against each other and below the interesting story unravels on Rama Vs Hanuman Fight.

There was a discussion in the Rama’s Royal Palace in Presence of all the great Sages. That the Lord Rama’s Name is more powerful or Rama Himself, but the discussion ended inconclusively, Hence Maharshi Narada Decided to prove what he thought was right and Chose ignorant Hanuman to stage the Drama.

While the meeting was ending, Narada went to Hanuman and asked him not to offer his Salutations to Sage Vishwamitra as he was a king before he was took to being sage and did not deserve Hanuman’s offering of Salutations. Hanuman agreeing to the Narada’s advice, offered his leaving Salutations to all the Sages expect the Sage Vishwamitra.

Angered by Hanuman’s disrespect, Vishwamitra ordered Lord Rama to announce Death Penalty to Hanuman, and Lord Rama had to obey his Guru Vishwamitra and pronounced Death penalty to Hanuman.

Hanuman’s death penalty was to be executed at the banks of River Sarayu, in presence of public and all the greatest sages including Sage Vishwamitra.

Hanuman Stood on the banks of the river, chanting the name of his Lord Rama, Rama in-turn was shooting his all Powerful Arrows without success , and Rama Decided to use the Unstoppable Bramhastra, that would definitely take Hanuman’s Life.

Maharshi Narada was watching this and decided to open his drama to Vishwamitra and stop Rama from using Bramhastra .Vishwamitra and all the sages and public agreed to Narada’s Point of Rama’s name (The RAAM NAAM) was indeed more powerful than Lord Rama Himself.

This Reference from the Hindu mythology drives home the moral of god’s name  (RAAM NAAM) believed and chanted with true heart is more powerful than Lord Ram (RAAM BAAN) Himself.

Rama and Hanuman, Lord rama and hanuman Fight
Hanuman Chanting RAAM NAAM

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